My recent work is preoccupied with our everyday
interaction with constructed space. 
               Derived from 
references to the concrete formal elements of architecture, my drawing 
               installations highlight
viewer awareness of built environments, evoking
memories of 
               particular places and events experienced

               However, my working process - which involves
making and unmaking, collaging and 
sections of the composition - disrupts the represent
ational elements 
               of the drawing
and discourages any
easy reading of the space they describe, creating 
               curious interruptions, sudden disjunctions and complex spatial wanderings
, which are 
               intended to challenge
the viewer by evoking a sense of spatial illusion and -

                     The contrasting readings of space thus created and the increasingly large scale of the 
have become central features of my practice. Addition
ally, the drawings 
                     have begun to traverse the traditonal architectural
boundaries of ceiling, wall and floor 
                     surface and to encroach into the space occupied by the viewer.


                         Cath Brophy






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